Welcome! We carry women's sizes XS-4XL!

Personal Styling

We proudly offer personal styling for all women. 

Don't have time to shop? Don't know what to shop for? Don't know what looks best on you? We're here to save the day! We work closely with our clients and help them with all their styling needs. Please read the FAQs below. 

What is personal styling?
We work with our clients one on one to help them find comfortable and stylish pieces that make them feel beautiful and confident. We'll work together to get to know you and find your style.

Who is this offered to?
Any woman who would like a little (or lot) help with her wardrobe. We have clients in their 20s and in their 60s!

Often times, we hear women say "I don't have the body to wear that." "I couldn't pull that off." etc.. When we hear this, our hearts break a little. I wish women would realize how beautiful they are and that they can wear "that." We are here to help you make wardrobe decisions that will make you feel your best. We are more than just a boutique - we are here to serve you.

If you are interested in becoming a client, please email us at hello@dakotadarling.com or DM us on IG or FB. We look forward to working with you! XOXO